The Taiko Drum and Dance: Hana Hou! – “Pacific” and “Ripples in Space” Project

Taiko Arts Center is proud to be a recipient of a 2017 Honolulu Mayor’s Office of Culture and the Arts Production Grant. The “Pacific” and “Ripples in Space” project brings together composer Kenny Endo and dance choreographers Noenoelani Zuttermeister and Peiling Kao. The new compositions will be premiered in Fall 2017 at the University of […]

“Edo Sato Kagura” (Shrine Music & Dance) Project: Intensive Workshops and Upcoming Show!

Revered master of Edo Sato Kagura (Japanese shrine dance and music), Kyosuke Suzuki of the Wakayama Shachu of Tokyo, comes to Honolulu for Taiko Center of the Pacific’s Summer Taiko Intensives (STI): August 28 – September 1. Wakayama Shachu has been deemed an “Intangible Cultural Art” by the Japanese Ministry of Culture. Intensive workshops offered by Suzuki include […]